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Installation gallery

Shortcut by Jason Bruges Studio

DOV_1.jpg (376962 bytes)

Two Thermitrack outdoor cameras capture the walking speed of pedestrians to control line of lights creating individual "anti-shadows".

Mimosa by Jason Bruges Studio

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Thermitrack camera controlling light and movement of OLED flowers

Flutter by Cinimod Studio

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Two thermitrack cameras controlling array of LCD screens to respond to viewers' movement

Panda Eyes by Jason Bruges Studio

wpe1F.jpg (42265 bytes)

Thermitrack camera sensing turns pandas to follow visitors.

Beacon Installation by   Chris O'Shea and Cinimod Studio (Jan 2008)

Four Thermitrack cameras track people moving through a field of  rotating beacons.
PC based control software using openFrameworks controls the beacons to follow visitors as they move around the room.

Shown at Lightwave Dublin Jan 2009

Silverburn shopping centre Glasgow by Jason Bruges Studio (Feb 2008)

wpe1A5.jpg (14025 bytes)

A  50 metre long structure comprising 26 vertical fixtures, each containing 100 RGB LEDs. A Thermitrack 40 camera at each end is used by the control system to measure the walking speed of  shoppers as they pass underneath. This data is used to create wave patterns flowing along the length of the structure above each shopper at their individual walking speeds. Multiple  waves combine and collide to scale the visual effect according to the number of shoppers in the area.

O2 Memory Project by Jason Bruges Studio (May 2008)

Four Thermitrack cameras detect the positions of visitors within the installation, controlling the display of images recorded during the previous 24 hours on 11 plasma screens, selected according to the viewer's proximity to the screen.  
Each camera detects visitors within one of three triangular detection zones and outputs distance data to the PC's which control each screen.

BBC News report showing installation in action.

Vestige artwork at Curve theatre, Leicester for Jason Bruges Studio (Feb 2009)

Thermal images of visitors recorded from a side-viewing position within each of three entrance vestibules are played back on LED arrays projecting onto the sides of the vestibules. The video cameras originally planned for this install proved unworkable due to reflections and ambient light issues with the glass walls and moving glass doors. Thermitrack cameras provided an ideal solution, being completely blind to the ambient visible light.

Leicester CQart feature

Highcross shopping centre, Leicester For Jason Bruges Studio

wpe1A8.jpg (7331 bytes)

Two Thermitrack cameras measure the flow of shoppers on the adjacent walkways to control motion of effects over an array of motorised dichroic glass mirrors.

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